Traditional full dentures are a common method of full teeth replacements but are often known for falling out when speaking and eating. Lower dentures mostly, but some upper dentures tend to move on the gum making eating especially difficult. Partial dentures which clip onto unhealthy teeth with gum disease or large fillings tend to deteriorate slowly over time. Without teeth or implants in the bone to keep its volume, the jaw naturally shrinks. Over a longer period of time it has effects of the profile of the face creating a more wrinkled and sunken in look. Dentures that are ill-fitting deteriorate the jaw bone faster than having no dentures or a good denture.

A lot of our patients who pick implants options to restore their speech and smile want something as close to their natural teeth, or with better appearance. Most others tend to focus on eating what they like and want to “order what they want off the menu” as opposed to what they are limited to.

Implants are titanium fixtures that are shaped like roots of teeth. They are effective long term options for replacing missing teeth and attaining a new quality of life. In addition to single tooth replacement, dental implants can be configured to replace missing teeth in an upper or lower jaw or both. Other than having no teeth and a traditional full denture here are 2 common options. Our dentists will guide you as to which one is most appropriate for your budget, lifestyle and biology. Our consultation will include an examination of the mouth, photos, xrays and scans to assist you making the best decision.

This treatment is usually carried out by Dr Nigel Tan, Dr Akash Kota and Dr Kenny Kim.

Treatment process for

Implant denture

Implant denture

What are the benefits?

  • Implants anchor your denture in place so it will not slip or move anymore

  • Enhance your ability to bite and chew your favourite foods
  • Improved appearance and smile
  • Prevent further bone loss and recession of jaw
  • An affordable investment that will enhance your quality of life
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower maintenance costs

Treatment Process

How can technological advances benefit my implant placement?

At Masterton Dental and Novo Smiles we have digital oral scanners and 3D Cone-Beam CT machine which allows us to provide world class precision for implant placement. Guided surgery provides the dentist with a custom, pre-planned digital 3D surgical template which guides the dentist during implant placement surgery to the desired drilling angle and depth.

Having everything digitally-planned ahead of surgery makes it possible to produce a provisional restoration which provides you with accurate, safe, and convenient dental care. Often due to the keyhole surgery approach the appointment time is much shorter and often will not require stitches.

Custom made 3-D printed implant guides from our lab in Australia


Any Implant bridge will need 6 or 12 monthly dental visits to ensure bone and gum health is stable. Most cases will require nightguard to be worn every night to protect the bridge and the opposing teeth.

Physical gum cleaning will be required 2 times per day (with floss, picksters, waterflosser etc.). It is not uncommon for acrylic to chip and require some maintenance over the years. The strongest bridge option (zirconia) has a lifetime for 10+ years. All others about 5-10 years.