If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist because of a fear or phobia, relative analgesia could be the answer.

Of course, first you can chat to the staff about your anxiety or perhaps relate a previous bad experience.  Sometimes a sympathetic ear is all you need.  The staff here at Fourpeaks Dental will help you.  We’ll bring you into a calm, relaxing and friendly environment.  We’ll talk to you about any aspect of your dental care that you want.  We’ll always make sure that you are happy and comfortable when you’re with us.

But for that extra level of reassurance, we offer the simple and effective experience of relative analgesia.

What’s that and how will it make me less afraid of being at the dentist’s?

Relative analgesia (RA) is a form of sedation.  It’s an air-based treatment that’s also called ‘happy air’.  And it really is as pleasant at it sounds.

RA is a light mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen.  Using a small, soft tube placed just inside your nose, you breathe in the air and experience a sensation of relaxation.  You don’t lose consciousness, you are fully awake and able to talk to the dentist at all times.  But you’ll just feel warm and cosy and completely at ease.

Most people feel some of the following sensations.

  • A mild tingling in the fingers and toes
  • Warm and / or heavy arms and legs
  • A sense of being far away. Voices and music may seem distant
  • A sense of not caring or minding about being at the dentist

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
While you are experiencing the lovely feelings described above, the clinical result of you breathing ‘happy air’ is that you will have a greatly reduced or eliminated gag reflex, and reduced awareness of procedures such as dental anaesthetics (injections), thus enabling your dental treatment to be carried out without you feeling anxiety or stress.

And just to be absolutely sure that relative analgesia is right for you, you’ll be invited to come in for a quick trial session first, so you can try it out.

So if your fear of being at the dentist’s has put you off visiting (or worse, has delayed you addressing dental problems that you know you should take care of), then RA sedation could be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

We’ve provided some extra information below, or alternatively, just call us and have a chat.

Relative analgesia consultation

If you think that RA could be right for you, we’ll first book you into the clinic for a consultation.  During this, you’ll have a chance to fully discuss the process with the dentist and will also have a trial session to evaluate exactly how effective RA will be for you.

If you and your dentist decide that relative analgesia will suit you and get the result you want, the full appointment for your treatment will be made.

During your treatment, the RA sedation will be carried out by your dentist, assisted by an appropriately trained dental nurse.

Who is RA not suitable for?

It is not possible to use RA:

  • In the first six months of pregnancy
  • If you cannot normally breathe through your nose
  • If you have a cold on the day of the appointment.

How quickly will I recover?

Usually within 2-3 minutes of the completion of treatment you will be ready to return to the waiting room and can usually leave the practice within 10 minutes.

We advise against driving for 30-60 minutes but you can return to work, college or school afterwards and carry on with your normal activities.