Malocclusion is a condition of the mouth where teeth have grown in a pattern which is not considered ideal and may cause further oral health problems. Malocclusion come in many forms such as crowding, spacing, cross bite, large overjet, deep bite, open bite and more. These are seemingly harmless but have shown to increase the risk of; gum disease, decay due to difficulty of cleaning crowded teeth, jaw problems known as TMJ as well as bite problems such as wear and attrition.

One of the orthodontic treatments that Four Peaks Dental offers to fix these conditions are fixed braces. These are braces that are fixed to the teeth and cannot be removed, commonly referred to as “Train Tracks”.

A fixed brace is made up of several components. Brackets or bands are adhesively attached to the teeth which are linked by special wires that allow the teeth to be moved precisely in many directions. The wires are then activated in order to produce the forces prescribed by Dr. Kenny in order to achieve a final position that is both desirable aesthetically and functionally.

Adult Braces

More and more adults are opting to straighten their teeth. Often misaligned teeth get more crooked as the jaws continue to reshape and grow in maturity. For similar reasons adults that had braces as a child, may find themselves back at where they started without proper wear of retainers.

Options for tooth straightening are similar for adults as they are for adolescents, but results may take longer to achieve. Adults who are conscious of the appearance of fixed braces may want to consider invisible braces.

Alternatively other options may be available to adults so we welcome to explore options with us in a smile assessment appointment.